You Gotta Have A Goal. Negative Ned, Read This.

February 7, 2016

Lately things have just been working out. My relationships are great, I’ve got money in the bank, I’m healthy, and I’m hopeful; but it hasn’t always been this way.

In fact, life can change for me so dang fast.

In only a months time I could be struggling to pay my electricity bill, stressing over doing wash (yes, I know, talk about petty), arguing with my fiancé, and feeling like a sack of rocks, looking at life like a mule looks at a new gate. Dazed and confused…

Lately however, I’ve been feeling on top of the world, and I’m going to tell you why.

I want to spend my summers on the beach and my winters in the woods. That’s just a short way of saying my goal to myself daily. Of course I plan on living inside, and eating normal food, and paying my bills, but in saying the above, I imagine what’s below.

Not just a week here and there, but literally, live that life. A completely mobile lifestyle. Simple and free. I want to finally learn to surf. I want to spend the summers in the sun with my girl, getting all tanned up, catching fish, growing a salty garden, catching rays, laying on the beach, breathing that salty air, working on my passions and purpose, and hanging with awesome people.

“Negative Ned: What about sunburn, Tony?
Tony: Shut up, Ned!”

When it gets cold in my home state of Pennsylvania, I want to travel back, to hunt with my brothers and our best friends, spending time around the fire with friends and family, eating well, splitting a ton of firewood, and enjoying the holidays. Enjoying a simple, peaceful life, filled with all the many things that are important to me and my wife to be.

I have a goal. Yep, that’s right. That’s what I want my life to look like and every decision I make now, from spending money, to working out, is in tune with the life I just told you. Of course I left a lot out of that description, my goal isn’t the point of this article. Not all my ducks are in a row, far from it. The goal is there however, and I have a direction, and a lifestyle laid out that makes my head spin with excitement!

Get excited about life!

I hear all these ridiculous one liners seeming to justify everyone’s mutual misery.

You’ve likely heard ” that’s life” or ” welcome to the real world” or my favorite, said by a past co-worker, ” adulthood isn’t meant to be fun”.

Good grief! With a mentality like that no wonder most people’s life suck! Most people, at least the ones I know, are so miserable and it’s embarrassing. So I salute you for being here and reading this!

Without a goal in life, you might as well be in the Alaskan bush, with a compass that doesn’t work.

“Negative Ned: But how are you gonna do that? That’s not “reasonable”.
Tony: Shut up, Ned!”

Having a goal is like having a compass that does work; a true north; a clear destination with, of course, an unclear path towards it. You can now say ” that’s life”, congrats negative people, you said it. Life and the path to your goal is not ever going to be clearly marked. So why even start? Keep reading.

I know from experience that when I have a goal; one that makes my mouth water; life happens just like it does when I don’t, but the outcome is dramatically different. When I’m walking north, with my compass pointed in the direction I want, I can’t see the destination (the life I want), but I can see north (I can see I’m headed in the right direction), I can see my goal.

Imagine me , if you will, in a steel suit, walking through a hail storm. All the chunks of hail are life; like bills, fights, sickness, disease, deaths; all the obstacles that get thrown at everyone. With my goal in sight however, I keep pushing forward. Instead of making excuses, I make things happen.

Of course, on the journey towards my goal, life will need attended to momentarily, but even the way I attend to life will be influenced by my goal.

So what am I suggesting?

Set a goal, and focus on it. Set a goal that makes your mouth water. A goal so attractive it will drive you mad if you don’t accomplish it. Often times goals change, but like the saying, “Strive to become a millionaire, not for the money, but for who you become in the process.” said by Jim Rohn, the journey a goal will take you on will take you further in life than you can imagine. I promise.

“Negative Ned: What ever happened to “good hard work, television and a comfy chair?” You kids all want the moon and the sun.
Tony: Yes Ned, we do, and we’ll be the first to have it because we’re the first to have the guts enough to chase it. Now shut up, Ned!”

Even if the destination changes, the man or woman you become in pursuit of your goal will be the man or woman you were born to be. The true, original character, the pioneer of your own life. When you run across negative Ned, telling you you can’t, just say “Shut up and watch me!”

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