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October 28, 2016

The younger generation no longer seeks guidance from the nightly news. The power of the mainstream media is shrinking. Millennials are being primarily influenced by what they read and watch on social media. The power to influence young people has never been greater.

This is my prime motivation for posting on a weekly basis. If one young girl or boy who watches my videos or reads my posts is affected positively I’ve done a good job. If one young man or woman starts to act differently, begins blazing a path toward change, and becoming a proud American citizen, I’ve done even better. If one marriage is saved, or one relationship mended, or dream chased, or spirit lifted, or one more person I get to spend eternity with in heaven comes from a post I post, my heart will be full of joy and content. If only one person will become better because of my influence, I won’t stop.

I will never stop.

Because they won’t stop. The perverted people in the world get stronger day by day. Evil has no cap, and the destruction of our young children is the game, the outcome of the future is the reward.

So knowing that, I’ve decided to speak. I’ve decided to be bold.

If one child is led astray, one young girl sold into the modern day sex market (marketing in general, especially with young girls), if one young man who never learned how to be a husband abuses his wife, if one young person falls while I sit back and say nothing, knowing the power to influence the world begins at my fingertips, the loss could not be explained in words.

The whole world complains “the kids are going” when the whole world stays quiet. Too scared to be politically incorrect to speak up when they feel it’s necessary.

We are the hands and feet.

Let us not be silent.

Share this. Let’s start making a change.



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    1. I see a problem with media in general, in that there is hardly any such thing as unbiased reporting. People are drawn to news outlets that promote the same ideas as theirs. That is known as confirmation bias, and individuals don’t even realize they are hoodwinked into a certain mindset. Millennials and those younger are often liberal, and flock to liberal media outlets. TV shows also paint a different picture from reality. It’s more and more difficult to find the truth about what is going on in our world, and what is healthy and good. Social media is worst of all, with people promoting their agendas in caustic ways. Best of luck, Tony, in bringing your dose of reality into the picture so there is more to consider.

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