live bait


Summer, Rain, and Nightcrawlers

Suggested Listening ( To experience this article the way it was written, go to youtube, look up the song titled "Firefly" by David Greathouse and listen to it while reading. Go ahead, just do it. )   When I founded Dirty Worm it certainly had its share of big visions and world changing dreams attached to it, but there was also another much more personal, and nostalgic reason behind it. A deep seeded and heartwarming part of my roots I…


#FishWithPride An American bait company designed to protect the quality of our land and water for the future of fishing.  Environemental impact is not a side thought or a way to get a tax break. It's why Dirty Worm exists. This isn't about tree hugging, it's about tradition. We're passing this country down to the next generation. What we do with it now is a reflection of how we feel about our children or the children of our peers. Tradition can't…

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