So you didn’t win the Powerball. Now what?

January 20, 2016

When the Powerball hit 1.6 billion what did you do?

Did you run to the gas stations or corner stores, eager for your chance to play your lucky numbers? Did you play more than once?
Did you start dreaming like a kid again? Did you tell everyone you talked to how much you’d be sharing with them. Did you share all the great things you were planning to do if you won the Powerball? I personally was promised 50 thousand by a co-worker if he won!

In the beginning of January 2016 when the Powerball hit 1.6 billion I saw a country come alive.
For the first time in my 25 years of life I saw a country of pioneers, big thinkers, and generous givers. I saw a country of people thinking the way America needs to be thinking every day. If 5% of the projects, ideas, life saving, world changing concepts I heard being talked about were actually executed, we, as a country, would never be the same again.

People you’d never have imagined were smiling, laughing, dreaming like winners, and offering up their generosity; despite the odds of winning that they were well aware of. The most miserable, down in the dumps people began to dream again. They began thinking of the possibilities and what they could do if they were just “lucky” enough to win all that money. They stopped thinking about who owes them this, and who did what to them and began thinking of ways to give back, to not only improve their own lives, but the lives of the people they loved and cared about.

I saw a country of people who have greatness inside of them. I saw courage, strength, and commitment to helping others. Dreams and aspirations filled the news feeds and work spaces. Philanthropy became like second nature. Everyone was talking about how they intended to take care of themselves and how hey planned to take care of others. Pictures of land for sale, million dollar homes, fast cars, homeless families and starving children all came together for a few days.

This nation had an abundance mentality like no other time I’ve witnessed in my life. Compare this to what we’re used to. Cut-throat, mind your own business, get ahead at all cost, scarcity thinking that plagues 95% of everyone you and I know. Americans all over this once great country we’re taking their eyes off of their current realities and looking towards a brighter future.


If you won the Powerball, what would you do? Who would you help? What amazing places would you go and see? What charities would you donate to, and what charities would you start? Would you have done what you did today?

Now here’s one of the hardest questions you’ll ever be asked.

Now that you haven’t won, are you just going to give up on all of that?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to. I wrote this for you. Yes you; to tell you that there are a group of people who dream and think like that all of the time, 365 days a year, and I invite you to become one of them.

People everyday, normal people, just like you and I, are doing extraordinary things and living amazing lives simply because they choose to. They make a conscious decision to live big everyday, despite the fact that they started in tiny apartments, working for minimum wage, and struggling to pay bills.
There are people like Mike Dillard who is currently dreaming up and executing ways to provide clean food to all families in America through hydroponics. Mike was working at P.F. Chang’s resturant not too long ago, when he decided to start following his dreams and start a business.

Or organizations like Charity: Water founded by Scott Harrison who’s mission is to bring clean water to everyone on the planet. What a goal!? Did Scott work in an environment that encouraged him to be so generous? Certainly not. Scott worked in New York City, promoting night clubs and fashion events, admitting to living “selfishly and arrogantly”.

What about Sara Blakely? She had an idea of a women’s undergarment that didn’t show lines or bunch, and allow her to feel more comfortable. You might have heard of it. The product is called “Spanx”. Things worked out well and Sara is now the youngest self made female  billionaire in America. A quote by Sara sums up why most people never live their true calling. “A lot of million-dollar ideas are squashed because people want to tell you all their concerns.” She decided to take an idea and run with it, and has empowered hundreds of thousands of women to be more comfortable in their clothing.

There are individuals like Jefferson Bethke who makes YouTube videos, and writes life changing books that have impacted thousands of lives including a few people with whom I’m very close. Jeff didn’t start on the top, far from it. Addicted to porn, shoplifting, and struggling to find answers in life, Jeff simply found life in seeking the truth, and made a YouTube video that changed his life and thousands of other lives forever.

There are business gurus like Dale Partridge who have created affordable, mobile classes, for anyone, from anywhere, to learn what it takes to start their own business and take full control of their life. Dale, once again, started with nothing.

Lastly there are the ones who don’t have the huge platform, the men and women who haven’t received massive amounts of support or financial resources. The ones who may work for minimum wage, struggling to make ends meet, but who have decided to give from their own abundance and understand that they are “richer” and more capable than most people on earth. I know you probably are, or have been one of those types of people and I salute you.

These people will be the ones remembered for decades after they are gone, because of one thing. The one thing ( sorry, “thing” is the best word I could use here) required to live a big life. In a post about the lotto, you may assume it’s money, but it’s not. It is..

A dream.

A dream is what separates the doers from the do nothing’s. A dream is what separates the pioneers from the followers. A dream is what can cure cancer, save a family, build a shelter, and put man on the moon. This country was founded on dreamers and only thrives on dreamers. We were a country of pioneers, explorers, founders, seekers of the unknown. Long before the 1.6 billion dollar lottery there were people dreaming just like you did when you saw that number.

All you need is a dream, and a plan to make it happen. Nothing else is required to start living your own Powerball life.

The last thing you’ll need is a support system. Dreaming about the lottery is one thing, most people do that, but dreaming despite your circumstances is totally different. I encourage you to find someone who is actively chasing their dream and get time with them, send them a text, take them out for coffee. Make it your priority to get around big thinkers. Once you do, I promise, you will never be the same.

I also encourage you to subscribe.
Scroll down, and become a part of my big thinking. I will always encourage you to chase your dreams, and I will fight for you every time. This world needs more pioneers. We need more people taking life seriously, learning to enjoy a life of passion, and getting off their cell phone and doing something! You’re dreams are worth it, the world needs it, and I am proud of you if you decide to stop waiting around to win the lottery and you begin living life right now.



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