If I were president.

September 28, 2016

If I were president of the United States you would be free. I’d like to start by saying I love all of you, my brothers and sisters, and want the best for the people of this great nation. In saying that, I stand for one thing when it comes to politics. Freedom.

I stand for one thing when it comes to politics. Freedom.

Freedom to live the life I want is on top of my priority list. It is the ideal that founded the United States of America.

Freedom however takes discipline.

Now, it sounds too easy I know, but the problem exists only when we think the White House defines us. When you discover that you have power, you’re unstoppable. Freedom doesn’t come easy though.

We would have to take things like honor and dignity seriously. Hate, laziness, and shedding innocent blood would be unacceptable. The family unit would have to come together and love for one another would have to triumph over hatred. The easiest thing in the world to do is hate, and that is why we’re in the mess we’re in.

The only way for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing, or worse, depend solely on the White House. I’m not about to say that the president doesn’t matter…

It’s going to take more than one person to create a real change however. To make a real change its going to take at the very least a few hundred.

But it’s got to start somewhere.

Does it start with you?

I believe our country isn’t going to be fixed in the White House. Our country’s fix isn’t going to happen with Trump or Hillary, it’s going to happen in your house and my house.

Read on if your digging for answers and direction. You’re ultimately in charge of your life. A motto I have taken to heart is “Live free or die trying.”

I’m tired of thinking I have to be Mr nice guy, this world needs bold and fearless leaders and I aim to be that and invite you to join me.

When all is said and done, this is the way I see it and the way I plan to raise my family. This is the law of the land when you pull into my driveway.

These are my opinions, to which I am entitled, on the hottest topics I see discussed by Americans today.
These opinions do not reflect all that’s needed in this country.

Here we go.

Under no circumstance, even rape, will the killing of any innocent American be tolerated. The shedding of innocent blood will be punishable by death. Rapists will pay for their disgusting actions, innocent babies will not. I’ve never met a mother unwilling to die for her children. That being said, you can’t prepare for everything. Faced with death by childbirth, a family should band together and pray. Miracles do happen. Bottom line, killing out of convenience is intolerable. Of all hot topics today, this one deals with the heart more than anything and is honestly the hardest topic to write about. It kills me to even think of it. Legality should not come into play here. The well being of the mother and unborn child should be the only concern.

If we are spending more than we’re making, we’re going broke. Don’t miss this, create a budget that spends less than what is coming in. Work on a debt repayment plan starting with the highest interest loan first and snowballing the funds into the next as each are paid off. Taxing the working class higher is a bad call. Cut taxes, and improve the working class Americans opportunity to care for themselves. Cut foreign aid, stop offering able bodied people free anything, and put each state in charge of its own education budget, with no bail outs. You blow it, your kids suffer. So don’t blow it.

It doesn’t matter. All Americans will be governed by the constitution. Slavery died long before anyone alive on earth today. The color of your skin will not determine how you’re treated, but chances are your character will.

All Americans can and should own guns. It is your second amendment right. Protect yourself or risk personal harm or death. Don’t break the law and don’t do anything that infringes on others freedom and you probably won’t end up looking down a barrel. If you do end up looking down the barrel despite your innocence, a gun will be your best defense. Anyone renting or buying a place of residence should be prepared to defend it.

All American citizens will pay 10% of their yearly earnings in taxes, regardless of how much they make.

All Americans have a right to purchase their own health insurance or accept health insurance from their job. In the absence of health insurance and in need of healthcare, an American can pay out of pocket. No American under any circumstances will be required to purchase healthcare, and no American who refuses to purchase healthcare will be fined or reprimanded. An American without health insurance who refuses to buy it will not be granted special privilege or healthcare for free. If you don’t have insurance, you’d better have a lot of savings. This excludes wounded veterans or disabled Americans unable to create a sustainable living due to an inability to work, however families should come together to support their own to the best of their ability. Love will trump excuses.

Marriage by definition is one man and one woman. No American has the right to tell another whom they can spend their life with. Homosexual unions will be legal and named as such. A union between two people. All Americans are free to partner with whom they would like. The word marriage will be reserved for heterosexual unions to honor its definition. It’s not your call or the governments who someone chooses to spend their lives with.

Armed forces.
Cops and military are here to protect your life, your Liberty, and your right to the pursuit of happiness. Respect that.

All persons with male genitalia will use the men’s room. All persons with female genitalia will use the women’s. Anyone confused will use a mirror.

Government Subsidies.
All those able to work are strongly encouraged to work if they value things like a roof, bed, and food. Any American who values an off-grid lifestyle may do as they please. No American will be required to have a permanent residence or hold a job. There will be no roof, bed, or food provided by the government for those able but unwilling to work. To those, especially wounded veterans, who cannot create a sustainable income, you will receive aid until your condition improves or you are no longer in need of the government aid.

Americans are free to do with all plants as they wish granted they are either on their own property or an invited guest on private property, or on public land. Smoking will be reserved for smoking areas. Accidents related to abuse of any plant or substance will be punishable as the offender being “under the influence”.

No government may restrict the practice of any religion unless it interferes with an Americans rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Example: If killing innocent Americans is in your religion, you’re infringing on the rights of Americans.

What do you think?

I’ll bet you’ve got an opinion.

What’s it going to take to turn this around? I’ll say it again because it’s important…

Don’t solely rely on the White House, put the focus into YOUR house and your community. Be the leader, stand up for what is right no matter what is legal.

“You’ll have to put me in the ground to silence me.” – For Today.

I get all of my strength from the Lord, my aim is to follow Him and His teachings. The Bible will build strength if you let it.

YOUR VOTE IS IMPORTANT. Do not refuse to vote.

If you’d like to know my vote, send me and email or contact me on social.

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