December 29, 2016


An American bait company designed to protect the quality of our land and water for the future of fishing. 

Environemental impact is not a side thought or a way to get a tax break. It’s why Dirty Worm exists. This isn’t about tree hugging, it’s about tradition. We’re passing this country down to the next generation. What we do with it now is a reflection of how we feel about our children or the children of our peers. Tradition can’t be passed down without good clean land and water to live it on, and that’s what Dirty Worm is doing. We are protecting the quality of American land and water for the future of fishing. Because the next generation is worth it.


***let me make this clear, I run this business primarily in the day to day as of now, but it would not be possible without a growing group of donators (whom I’d like to call partners) and my friends and family (partners from the start), a growing list of retailers selling the bait (some of the coolest people I know), most importantly my wife, and others along the way, so I use the word “we” all the time because its not only me by far!

We raise and wholesale live worms to be used for fishing bait, pet feeds, and gardening.

However, DW (Dirty Worm) is not your typical bait wholesaler. We use waste donated by people just like you to raise our bait.

Thats right, we use trash that would otherwise sit in a landfill to raise our bait.


You might be asking yourself why DW uses waste to grow the bait worms we sell.

Well, because it’s our way of stewarding the world we’ve been given. It’s our conservation project. 

The largest threat to the future of fishing in our opinion is the way we approach our properties.

Our lifestyles all run downstream.

So when we load our fields, our gardens, and our lawns with harmful chemicals, insecticides, and pesticides, we are in effect, loading our rivers and waterways with those same chemicals.

We use waste ( nothing nasty, primarily kitchen waste, restaurant waste, and paper products) donated by people like you because life happens, we forget about food, we don’t like it, or just simply get full and in the USA, 30%-40% of the food supply is wasted, equalling more than 20 pounds of food per person per month. (www.worldfooddayusa.org)

That’s a lot of waste and if we’re just sending it to a landfill it remains waste, but a lot of good can come of it here in the beautiful USA if we change the way we look at waste and start regarding it as a resource.

So we collect waste from donators ( our partners in crime, the list is growing ) and we do it because…

  • It keeps waste out of landfills. According to www.worldfooddayusa.org “In the USA, organic waste is the second highest component of landfill which are the largest source of methane emissions.”
  • It is fed to our worms producing the healthiest and most active worms you can fish with and comes out on the others side as beautiful, soil building, clean and organic, non harmful compost.
  • It’s a way to give back on a daily basis. All the waste you keep and put in one of our buckets for free pickup will be fed to the very worms you will fish with all spring and summer, and be turned into compost which can replace chemicals used on your farms, gardens, and lawns. Keeping chemicals off of American soil and out of our food and our water.

With every cup of bait you buy, every chemical fertilizer/spray you replace with compost, or with every bucket of waste you keep out of a landfill by donating, you’re partnering with us to protect the future of fishing (and actually a whole lot more than that.) That is something you can be proud of. That is how you can #FishWithPride

We love each and every one of you, and can’t complete this mission without you, nor would we want to.

Fishing isn’t fun alone, so partner with us. Get involved, and this summer hold your head high America, and #FishWithPride


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