Why I post on social media

The younger generation no longer seeks guidance from the nightly news. The power of the mainstream media is shrinking. Millennials are being primarily influenced by what they read and watch on social media. The power to influence young people has never been greater. This is my prime motivation for posting on a weekly basis. If one young girl or boy who watches my videos or reads my posts is affected positively I've done a good job. If one young man…

I will never be silent

You may have realized my recent outspokenness on things like politics and more importantly my faith. Well I regret to tell you that on this blog, originally, I aimed to keep religion out of it, to keep it a secret, and for that, I am completely ashamed. "You mean you were gonna push God out of the affairs of men? Just like most of the rest of the world?" Yes, regretfully so. I am ashamed because it is a cowardly…

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