You Gotta Have A Goal. Negative Ned, Read This.

Lately things have just been working out. My relationships are great, I've got money in the bank, I'm healthy, and I'm hopeful; but it hasn't always been this way. In fact, life can change for me so dang fast. In only a months time I could be struggling to pay my electricity bill, stressing over doing wash (yes, I know, talk about petty), arguing with my fiancé, and feeling like a sack of rocks, looking at life like a mule…

hunting bucket

A 6 Point Buck’s Favorite Bucket.

4:00 AM came much too quickly for me this morning. Awakened by my alarm from the deepest sleep I've had in weeks. Sometimes it is so tempting just to lay there and dream. Dream about that big buck. Dream about the morning sky, the sunrise, and a chance, just a chance, to trick that buck into bow range. I reluctantly rolled out of my warm bed and hunched over to grab my screaming phone. I snoozed it. I said to…

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