Are We Really Getting Somewhere?

January 18, 2017

Photo: My view in the summer looking over the Dirty Worm shack, which has gone through some updates since. 


We, we, we, we.

I’ve had people ask me why I say we when I have no employees, and no visible business partners.

Just because I don’t have anyone on my payroll (yet) doesn’t mean I don’t have people who make what I’m trying to accomplish possible.

Plus it’s absolutely impossible, and not to mention, boring as heck without many people being involved.

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You guys are just as big in this dream as I am. When I run it through my head, and I see our day, when streams run clear, and wildlife abounds, and we all know we fought with our hearts, I see myself at the back of the line. While each and every one of you walks across a stage first, and receives your reward and recognition for making a difference for our future here in the United States of America. Starting in your home.

I know you’re taking a leap of faith believing in this! So I commend you for going against the grain, and beginning to understand that when you throw it out, it doesn’t disappear!

Heck, this way of thinking is normal to me so it’s not impressive that I’m doing anything about it, it’s impressive that the people who have never considered their impact are changing their lifestyle a little bit to make a huge difference.

It’s what I believe is missing in big city efforts, and believe me, I respect big city efforts.

However where we live, we see it. We drive over the same creek everyday. We pass through the same fields and pastures on our way to work. We’re the ones who see big companies buying up our hunting and fishing land. We see the streams running muddier, and the fish populations falling. We live it. So while the big cities try, and succeed mind you, to make a difference (organizations like Bennet Compost in Philly) , out here in the country and suburbs, this is our life.

The land, and the water, is everything to us. We work it, we play on it, we raise our kids on it. We eat off of it, we breathe it.

Wide open spaces is why we live here. Wide open filth is what we’re fighting. 

The community we have here in small town America is something special. When we band together, there’s nothing we can’t do.

I’ve been believing in this for my whole life in one way or another!

I used to litter, when I was a kid, mostly paper products, and other things I knew in my heart would be turned back to earth, I hadn’t had any formal training in the area of composting, we didn’t even have a garden. I believe God wrote it on my heart.

I would say “the goats will eat it”. I live in PA, and there aren’t any wild goats running around, but I was young and I had the right mindset. I just knew that what we regard as waste is really just used by us for a time, and ultimately turned back into the earth we live on. I did it wrong, but I had it in my mind. I have always loved throwing crap together and seeing what turns out and the fact that my parents back yard doesn’t look like landfill proves that I was right!

So are we really making any difference?


#FishWithPride is picking up steam around the world. People are starting to ask, and want to know. “What the heck are those country bumpkins from PA up to with their buckets and their fishing worms?”

So far ( Just since we started all putting our buckets in the same pot, a few weeks ago I announced I would be taking public donations) we have begun to compost over 235 pounds of organic waste. In just this week we have brought on 13 new partners eagerly awaiting their Dirty Worm Compost Buckets, and finally have gotten heat in the barn to ramp up winter production with the worms.

As they say “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” But it’s worth it. God has a plan, and if He is for us, ain’t nobody gonna be able to mess with us!

What are we gonna do with all this organic matter we’re all stocking up on?

We’re gonna compost the heck out of it it, turn it to good usable earth, and use it on our gardens, our lawns, our plants, and grow ourselves some real food. So were keeping pounds and pounds of waste from stacking up on the ground we love, raising our fishing bait and turning it into usable, clean, and natural compost to build our properties into environmentally beneficial plots of ground that will actually benefit the area around us.

Imagine if we stopped using sprays, and other chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides, artificial growth hormones, and synthetic protection and started using good clean natural compost, and built our properties from the ground up with a good foundation with the future in mind.

Lowes sells potting soil, compost, top fill, soil amendments, and other products, so does Dirty Worm. You make the call.

Of course, the worms will be fired up about this because now they have all kinds of food to pick from in their all you can eat buffet!

So yes, we’re making a difference. It’s growing, and this fishing season will be a celebration of a new movement. Here in small town America. Good old York County, PA, Dover PA, East Berlin, PA, Lewisberry PA, Mechanicsburg PA, Dilsburg PA, and the surrounding areas as we grow.

This fishing season will be a celebration of good folks, banding together, to make a difference, for the future of this beautiful, small piece of America.


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    1. Great article,Tony! I wish you all the success in the world (literally!). We recycle here in small town, Wisconsin. But let me tell you, I’m always pretty disgusted when I visit North Carolina (where I’m heading now). Hardly anyone gives recycling a second thought, and it is sad. Nobody has recycling bins, because the bugs come in droves, especially flies and roaches, in the heat of summer. How do I convince my daughter and her neighbors to get on board?

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